**SALE** Medtronic Car Patch
**SALE** Medtronic Car Patch

**SALE** Medtronic Car Patch

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Beep Beep! Watch out, RockaDex racer coming through!!!

Keep up with your Type 1 champion as they race to keep their Medtronic transmitter and sensor in place with this super stylish Car patch from RockaDex.

Here at RockaDex, we love to create shapes and colours to inspire the imaginations of our customers, so regardless of whether you plan on driving to the edge of the world or race your friends around the back yard, our Medtronic Car patch will keep you protected and looking awesome for upto a weeks worth of wearing!

We understand the importance of securing sensors, CGMs and pumps, so our range of tape and cut-out options for diabetic devices are designed to give you maximum life and protection, while looking completely awesome!

Our Medtronic patches are available in a range of colours (choose your colour option above). If you are looking for a patch with an extra sticky adhesive, then select from the H20 tape (black in colour), or our red, lime pattern and horse shoe options.

Included in this package

  • Selected quantity of Car Shaped Medtronic transmitter/sensor patch in any colour


  • Designed to fit Medtronic Transmitter/Sensors
  • Stylish Car shaped design
  • Protect and give life to your Medtronic Device